New Books + Winners!

Okay, before I share the books I received in October, I have two WINNERS to announce! Remember the two awesome Peachtree blog tours I got to be a part of? I have winners for both books!

has won a copy of the incredibly fun The Universe of Fair

has won a copy of the gorgeous, pro-library Return of the Library Dragon

Congratulations to both ladies, who have already sent me their mailing addresses! I think you'll enjoy the books -- I know I did.

And now, my new acquisitions ...


For Review:


Swap/Purchase/Otherwise Received:

Pre-ordered a signed copy of Keepers, and got a sweet swag pack -- which Shannon had to send me after the fact. Just another reason everyone should buy her book: she cares!
Pre-ordered a signed Romeo and got another set of special swag! Yay swag!
Not too bad a haul for October, and I got to support some awesome, reader-friendly authors too. How'd you do?

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  1. Wow, that's quite the haul of books! I hope you enjoy all of them!