Mirror, Mirror (DVD)

Mirror, Mirror
Relativity Media, 2012
Starring: Lily Collins, Julia Roberts and Armie Hammer

When I first saw the trailer for this, I knew I had to see it for the costumes alone. So. Much. Awesome! Then I started hearing people talk about the movie itself, and had a feeling I was really going to enjoy this. I was so right. Mirror, Mirror takes the Snow White story and gives it a fun flip. (And the costumes, my gosh, the costumes!)

The story is similar to the traditional tale: Evil Queen/Stepmother is jealous of Snow White's beauty and wants to be the most beautiful woman in the land. Tries to kill stepdaughter, fails. Has a hissy fit. Etc. But the fun twist is that the Queen is hard-up for cash, and trying to net a rich (and hott) new hubby. Enter Prince Alcott. There's also a mysterious beast in the forest, responsible for the disappearance of Snow's father the King, and even more mysterious raiders waylaying travelers (Prince Alcott got to meet them, with hi-larious results). Snow escapes death by finding a new life in the forest, and slowly uncovering the dark secrets within. Not to mention falling in love (because seriously? It's a fairy tale and there's a dashing - if clueless - Prince. How is there not going to be a love story involved). But what really made this movie click for me? The characters.

Julia Roberts is a satisfyingly creepy Queen without being too creepy. She's bad, but she's also hilarious. And she's sort of a character you feel sorry for, because she simply doesn't get it. Snow White is a spunky girl who, though beautiful, is also smart. And once she realizes her kingdom is not all she's been told, she sets to work making things right. Because it's the right thing to do. She's tough, and she's a fighter. And she has cool clothes. The seven dwarves are endearing and totally unexpected. They had me chuckling out loud, and really help Snow develop. And the Prince ... oh, Prince Alcott. So clueless. So dashing - that grin, it literally twinkles. He's a fun new look at the "Prince Charming" character-type, and the perfect counter to our Snow. So yeah, the characters really made this work for me. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

DVD provided by my local library.

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