Favorite Love Stories

It's The-Day-After-Valentine's Day!

Even as a single girl, Valentine's is one of my all-time favorite holidays. I mean really, how can you go wrong on a day that is all about Love? Love of family, of friends, of yourself. I hope you all spent the day happily, and felt loved and special at least once - even if it was when your furbaby snuggled up to you or the bliss of a really good taste of chocolate.

In keeping with the spirit of the 'season,' how about a peek at my favorite love stories?

If you know me, you know this could be an extensive list. So, I have a method: I'm leaving fairy tales out of this list. I also am going to take the drastic step and exclude Austen. Yes, you read that correctly: none of Jane Austen's glorious, beautiful love stories are going to be listed here. But really, think about it: we all know about the timeless romance of Elizabeth & Darcy, or Emma and Knightley -- it's safe to say they're going to be beloved. Although, as I start thinking about this listing, Darcy has some major competition.

Now then, ready to see what I have picked?

Gabi + Marcello, The River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren
If you were around in the fall, you got to witness me fall head-over-heels in love with Lisa Bergren's River of Time series. In the first book, Waterfall, we are introduced to impulsive Gabi who manages to travel back in time to meet the amazing (and gorgeous! ahem) Marcello. Their love is timeless, beautiful, and intense -- but not without trials or obstacles that need surmounting. I inhaled Waterfall, as well as its two partners in the series Cascade and Torrent, falling ever more in love with Gabi + Marcello. (Also, there are some other amazing individuals, and love interests, in the series. Definitely read these if you haven't!)

Macy + Wes, The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
I fell in love with Wes the first time I read this, and still think he and Macy are my favorite Dessen couple. I was able to relate to Macy so, so, so much -- and Wes ... well, it's safe to say that Dessen herself (a`la character) described Wes best this way: sa-woon.

Meg + John, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
I know that Jo + Prof. Bhaer and Amy + Laurie get most of the attention (and they are stunning love stories in their own right, trust me!), but I love Meg + John Brooke. It's so quiet, so gentle. It's so real. Amy's love story is a fairy tale, and Jo's is a bit unconventional -- both of which suit their respective heroines. But Meg? It's a gradual thing, that just creeps in and is fully in place before you realize what's happening. Simple and beautiful and sweet.

Anne + Gilbert, The Anne books by L.M. Montgomery
Um, yeah. How could I not count Anne + Gilbert??? Ever since I first read the Anne books at age 7, I've been a fangirl. Gilbert is ... well, he's probably one of the most perfect literary heroes there is. Yeah, I said it. And the truly wonderful thing is, Montgomery let us follow the romance the whole way: we meet Anne and Gilbert as children, watch them fight and compete and finally become friends; then struggle to understand their hearts and move into adulthood. We see their children, their children's romances. I love it. Love-love it. And who could forget that Gilbert likes smart girls?

Laura + Almanzo, The Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder
This was the first love story I ever read (Anne was the second, coincidentally), and I never realized how much it had shaped my ideas of love until I reread the series two winters ago. It's an even sweeter unfolding than Meg + John or Anne + Gil. It's simple. It always makes me smile, even chuckle softly. And Almanzo is such a wonderful hero -- he's gentle, he's brave, he's just a boy. I mean, really. I want the kind of guy who can gentle wild horses with a whisper. Plus, of all the couples I've listed: this one is a real-life couple.

My favorite non-Austen and non-fairy tale love stories. What do you think? What are your favorites?


  1. My goodness! I wrote a romance up there with Ingalls Wilder, Montgomery, Alcott and Dessen?? SERIOUSLY honored, pal. And you're going to love BOURNE--we see more of Lia and Luca's romance! xoxo

  2. Wow...great list! To be honest, most are new to me...but hey, that's the beauty of book blogs! The ability to suggest and accept said suggestions for future reading. Might have to add a few to my wish list. AS for my favorites...that's a hard one to narrow down! I guess one I'd have to mention if pressed is DASH AND LILY'S BOOK OF DARES....though not a true love story per se as there are other things going on, the development of their relationship over the course of the narrative is enchanting....and totally makes you want to run out and buy a red moleskine journal of your own. ^_^ Happy (day after...after) Valentine's DAy!