Top Ten Picks: Literary Crushes

Okay, saw this on Becky's Book Reviews, and loved it ... so, of course, had to create my own! So without further ado ... My top ten Literary Crushes, in no particular order:

Gilbert Blythe -- Who doesn't love Gil? He's human, he's real. He's just as much irritating boy as he is idealistic hero. He's sweet, but has a temper. He's practical and romantic. He is, in short, quite possibly one of the most perfect literary heroes worthy of crushing on, ever.

Almanzo Wilder -- Maybe this is just me, but Almanzo is definitely crush-worthy. I reread the books over the winter, and was struck anew at how perfectly beautiful the love story between Laura & Almanzo is. To me, it's the best love story - even better than Anne & Gil, Edward & Elinor, or Lizze & Darcy. Of course I crush on the boy who gentles wild horses with a whisper, and does what no other man in town is brave enough to do ...

Fitzwilliam Darcy -- Lest my dear Darcy feel slighted at being surpassed by a pioneer, let me clearly state he IS one of my literary crushes. He's arrogant and stubbornly holds to what he believes is right and true. But that makes him human. And for his humanity, and his [reluctant] understanding of his need to change, wins my heart and Lizzie's.

Han Solo -- Okay, so I'm thinking the one in the movies rather than the books I've never read, but since the movies came from the books, I feel perfectly justified including him. There's really no need to explain this one further.

Wes -- The 'hero' of The Truth About Forever, Wes is the boy who went through hell and earned a few rough spots on his record, but is undeniably endearing. He didn't let his past deny him his future. He made the tough choices. He wins.

Doc McNeil -- Neil McNeil was arrogant and opinionated. Which made him devastatingly vulnerable: when he fell, he fell hard. With all the charm of a mountain man, and the smarts of the brilliant doctor and researcher he is, Doc McNeil is definitely a man to revere.

The Isbjørn Prince -- An old Norse fairytale/folktale, 'East of the Sun, West of the Moon', recently retold in novels like East; Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow; Ice that EVERYONE needs to read ... the isbjørn (polar bear) prince has become my fairytale prince. Forget kissing frogs, I'm waiting on a polar bear.

[Prince] Christian -- His story is found in Once Upon a Marigold & Twice Upon a Marigold, and what wins Christian points is that he doesn't know he's a prince. He ran away from home because he wanted to explore and invent. And his inventions save the princess (Marigold) he loves, but thinks he can never have.

Ivanhoe -- For a while, my life was the story of Ivanhoe, but even before that I loved him ... Still convinced he married the wrong girl, but whatever. He's a boy, he can't be blamed [entirely] for not thinking through everything as adequately as he might should have.

Laurie -- Good ol' Laurie. Also known as Teddy. Formally acknowledged as Theodore Lawrence. Of Little Women-fame. I like Laurie, I really do. And I like that he grew up and realized which sister was really the lady of his heart - and that he had to grow up to earn her. He was a boy's boy, and then he became a man's man.

And that, I do believe, is ten. Apparently, looking over this list, not many current heroes catch my attention ... Interesting.

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