Truth About Forever

As a lover of all children's lit and a fan of YA novels, I enjoy reading Sarah Dessen's work. My most recent read was The Truth About Forever. Wow. What can I say? All of Dessen's novels (I think there's 5?) revolve around teenage girls in various parts of North Carolina. Several characters appear in other books, overlapping storylines, oh-so-wonderful! I've read a total of 3 of her books (Someone Like You and This Lullaby being the other 2) and totally enjoy every word of all of them. There's something very real about the girls... as well as the various people they run into during the course of the novel. This is no different in Truth About Forever. In fact, I would venture to say this - the most recent - is the best. Maybe this is because I am able to see much of myself in Macy. Maybe because it's just, so... so... *thinking* Well, it's just so real. I know, that is a rather insufficeint phrase to use in a "review" .... but something about this book touched me, deep. And I'm not exactly sure what all to do or say to tell y'all exactly how great it was... Just go out and read it, ok? I made HPU buy it. *mischevious grin*
Again, I'll give ya an URL... http://sarahdessen.com
If anyone wants to buy me a book for my 20th... This would be a good one, LOL!!! J/K... I think, hehe...

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