Ok, here at last is the review of Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities by Alexandra Robbins ... Yeah, I'm a slacker sometimes. Really, I've been meaning to do it, but ... *shrug* You know, sometimes things just get pushed behind other things. :-)

Robbins went undercover for a year to write the book. She was there, experiencing and witnessing it first-hand, making it a very informative read. (Note: I soooo do not regret not joining a sorority!) With a frank, unapologetic style Robbins presents her findings... Even done to the parts she regrets to say confirm stereotypical images of sororities and sorority girls.
She goes deeper than just recounting her observations, she makes it real - involved relationally with the 4 girls who are spotlighted/"shadowed" for a year, Robbins tries to understand what drives them to put up with all they do.
I found the book to be an amazing and revealing read... But it made my heart ache. I'd recommend it to anyone curious, or to anyone who will be willing to read it as I did: reading to learn.

Check out http://alexandrarobbins.com to learn more.

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