Lying to Meet You

Lying to Meet You
Anna Garner

Is it easier to meet people if you're already in a relationship, than when you are single? It's a question Chloe and lifelong pal Ethan debate, and decide to put to test. The theory is that by pretending to be in a relationship with each other (top secret, nobody is allowed to know it's all a front!), they will each be able to meet and attract potential romantic partners. Crazy and complicated, I know, but also somewhat hilarious. Once the "relationship" starts, Chloe's already busy life gets even more packed: between dates with Ethan, cooking classes with her best friends, and filming a reality show -- not to mention designing and planning the next seasons' lines for her clothing boutique -- Chloe's life is hectic. But it's also awesome: her boutique is doing well and promising much for the future; she's having more fun hanging out with Ethan than she expected; and she's met her Mr. Maybe -- a fellow judge on the reality show. As the fall spins into the holidays, everything seems to be playing out perfectly, especially when Chloe realizes that hottie judge William Shannon appears to be very interested in her. For all intents and purposes, it appears that Chloe is about to get everything she ever wanted. Or is she?

This was a fun, fast read. Chloe is a character you want to cheer for, and Ethan is the perfect best bud. Chemistry sparks, tension builds, characters surprise you -- it's got everything! The only "eh" moment for me was how fast everything ended. It felt like things almost got wrapped up too fast, but maybe that's just me. Regardless, it's a fun chick lit read.

eARC provided by author for review.

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