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Hi guys, welcome to another Peachtree blog tour! Today I'm happy to share a review for Claude at the Circus, the second installment of the super cute adventures of a very spunky dog. Emily's done another great job lining up an exciting tour, so make sure you check it all out after catching my review!

Claude at the Circus
Alex T Smith
Peachtree, 2013

Remember meeting the adorably entertaining Claude and his best friend Sir Bobblysock? Well, they're back! And do they ever return with style -- Claude is nothing if not spiffy, and Sir Bobblysock is so very posh and refined. For a sock, of course. (But how can you not love Claude's beret?) Our dazzling dog-and-sock duo's latest adventure takes place on a lovely Saturday when Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes take a daytrip. Leaving Claude to his own devices. Uh-oh ...

Deciding it's a perfect day for exploring, Claude and Sir Bobblysock wander into the Park, and discover all kinds of wonderful people and places. They even help save the day when a mommy out for a jog loses her baby carriage! The best is yet to come however, when Amazing Alan (of Alan's Amazing Circus) gives them ringside seats for his show. After arriving early, and doing a little spring cleaning, Claude and Sir Bobblysock settle in for a good show. But ... it's not. It's a horrible show, and Amazing Alan quickly sends the pair into the ring, to rescue his circus.

An incredibly fun book for both early chapter book readers and adults, the text is easy to read and the illustrations - simply done in grayscale and red - are hilarious. The chapter length make it feel like a real adventure, building excitement and spotlighting Claude's antics throughout the day. Claude is definitely becoming a favorite, and I look forward to his further adventures.

Galley provided by publisher for review.

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