The Karmic Connection

The Karmic Connection
Libby Mercer

The author of Unmasking Maya is back with another fun, fast "rom com"-esque read that will have you chuckling and sighing by spells. Our two main characters, Adam and Lorraine, are as different as night and day, and when their paths cross at Luna Wellness Center -- well, sparks fly, to say the least.

Adam is an intense, highly-focused (*cough*workaholic*cough*) young professional, who finds himself the unwitting victim of a forced vacation/retreat at Luna Wellness Center. Luna, a holistic wellness retreat center way, way out in the sticks, is the last place Adam wants to be. He's stripped of phone, internet, computer and all work-related privileges, and is forced to keep company with a wide variety of colorful "hippie" characters. And then there's Lorraine. Beautiful, intelligent Lorraine who, though she be the yoga instructor and key assistant in running Luna, is enough to make Adam's heart race out of control. Lorraine has her own story to tell, and a past that threatens to break through her new relaxed control every time she clashes with Adam. Especially once those clashes become more electric than antagonistic. As a result of their forced interaction, each has to come to terms with the ghosts long hidden away, and realize that maybe - just maybe - it's time to move forward. Healthily.

This was such a fun read. Adam and Lorraine are great characters, and their interactions have major chemistry. I chuckled to myself reading several times, and the cast of secondary characters add so much flavor and color to the story. We're introduced to Adam and Lorraine in layers, gradually working down through the outward appearances to get to their cores. It's a wonderful process, and feels very realistic, in terms of getting to know someone (even if they are on the page - or my Kindle screen). And Adam is quite the hero, he'd transfer beautifully to the screen if this is ever adapted into a rom com. Just sayin'.

eARC provided by author for review.

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