Psst, see the pretty?

Okay, so I normally put new books in the New Book posts, but this is just too pretty not to share. Plus, by blogging about it, I sort of earn some more points in the contest to win an ARC of Stacey Jay's upcoming retake on Beauty and the Beast (just being honest here). And we all know how I feel about Beauty and the Beast ...

Isn't it pretty??? I had to go on and include my copy of Juliet Immortal in the picture, because it's such a nice little matched set. (I do so love when my books match each other). I am totally excited to dig into the reading -- I have high hopes it will be as pretty as the books are on the outside. And that sweet swag along the bottom? Totally a perk of pre-ordering a signed copy of Romeo Redeemed from Hicklebee's.

If you think it's as pretty as I do, go to the bookstore! Romeo Redeemed is totally available every where now!


  1. I need a copy of Romeo Redeemed to match my Juliet Immortal. Those books are too pretty not to have each other.