Cover Reveal: Liberty

Since I've started blogging, my reading tastes have expanded a little, and I've discovered gems of books that I would have passed up otherwise. (I'm also learning that I have a major weakness for book covers that have galactic/space-y images -- you know, stars, galaxies, etc? Awesome!) And of course, I have gotten to participate in all kinds of neat promotional things ... Like today: I get to take part in the big cover reveal for Rhemalda Publishing's upcoming novel Liberty!

Isn't that awesome?! As if the cover didn't catch my attention, here's the blurb:
LIBERTY is a young adult science fiction novel about a young space captain, Tabitha Dixon (Dix), who loses her ship and her crew. Dix is forced to accept the help of a young shipbuilder who runs communication for the Resistance. As the pair track down the captain's missing crew, a bond begins to grow between them. However, that bond, along with everything Dix yearns for, is threatened by her belief that she's destined to kill anyone who gets close enough to touch.
Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to this 2013 release! What do you think?


  1. That is a great cover! It looks like it fits the story perfectly. The story sounds good too. :)

  2. I agree -- space covers are so pretty and this one is no exception. Love the silhouette against the sky!