Fairy Tale Challenge!

Okay, so I already did a challenge post for my 2012 challenges - but I just saw this one, and there's no way I can pass this up! So, without further ado, let me explain the 2012 Fairy Tale Challenge!

Hosted by Tif Talks Books, the 2012 Fairy Tale Challenge lets you pick between four different levels, and then it's pretty wide-open as to selection of fairy tales and/or forms (graphic novels and movies count!).

After perusing the four levels, I've decided I'm going to compete at Happily Ever After (Level 4). This means I will be reading/watching a combination of original/modern fairy tales and movies resulting in a total of 12 fairy tale selections.

I think this will be a lot of fun, and since I love to read (& watch!) fairy tales anyway, this will be a neat way to make sure I'm getting a "well-rounded" fairy tale experience this year.

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  1. Welcome to the challenge and best of luck to you! I look forward to reading all about your chosen selections!!