Sense and Sensibility (DVD)

Sense and Sensibility
Columbia, 1995
Starring: Emma Thompson & Kate Winslet

I'm trying to remember if I read Sense and Sensibility or watched this version of the movie, first, and honestly, I can't think back that far. I feel like I probably read the book and then saw the movie. Regardless, this was my first visual introduction to the story, and while I like it - it's not my favorite. (That honor belongs to the 2008 BBC version).

On the whole, this film is a good representation of Austen's original novel, but far from perfect. They've played with the characters, and not always in a good way, especially since I've recently reread the novel. I have a hard time with this portrayal of Edward - he just seems more...wishy-washy? awkward? flat? Something. In contrast, Col. Brandon is a nice, strong character (as he should be), but the difference in age is so dramatic that it's really a wonder Marianne even talked to him. Like I said, I do like the film - it's a fun movie, and it has its high points. This Willoughby is definitely the best there is - he's got just the right amount of charm and appeal that you're thrown off the trail of his 'deviousness' (as opposed to the 2008 Willoughby who just gives me the heebies). Definitely an Austen film-variation that I've watched several times and will see many more in the future.

DVD provided by my local library.


  1. I agree with you about Willoughby, they cast him well. Too bad he's such a scoundrel!

  2. I feel the same way about this movie. Although I enjoy it, there are some flaws. I guess nothing lives up to the actual book! :)

  3. Oh man it's been so long since I watched this one but I do love it!