Waterfall Wednesdays #5

You guys, it's the last Waterfall Wednesday! This is very sad. I've had so much fun reading Waterfall with you guys, and talking about all the crazy-awesome events and people, and now...it's over. But, I've not finished sharing the River of Time goodness with you! Did you see my review of Waterfall Monday? Check it out if you haven't, and know that reviews for Cascade and Torrent are coming very soon! (Yes, I confess: There was no way I could torture myself and not see how this story continued...so I picked up copies of the other two and read my happy little heart out). You guys have absolutely got to read these books! Plus, if there's enough interest, there's a good chance we could get more River of Time awesomeness! Anyway, enough of my intro...How about we tackle the last set of questions?

Waterfall by Lisa T Bergren
Discussion 5: Chapters 24-28
Today's Questions Hosted by Irresistible Reads

1.  After Gabi is injured, the doctor gives her a tonic.  Gabi questions the doctor several times what is in it but he refuses to tell.  Would have you taken the tonic in Gabi situation?
Honestly, I'm not sure. The doctor was acting a little sketchy, but at the same time - Gabi was a woman, and in his eyes she was out-of-place in questioning him (he didn't know she's such a kick-ass chick). I'm a little wary of mystery meds myself, but sometimes you have to take things that are weird to fix it. So I'm not sure...She was hurting pretty bad, and it did make things feel better, so...Yeah.

2.  Before the games Gabi asks Lia to let Lord Forabosch win in the archery event as people especially Lord Forabosch are becoming suspicious of them.  But during the games Lord Forabosch upsets Lia trying to throw her off her game. So Lia decides to win.  Do you think she did the right thing by not letting Lord Forabosch bully her or do you think she took an unnecessary risk?
I cheered for Lia, I'm not gonna lie. I felt like it was a bit of a turning point for her - like she was realizing this is 'real life' and there is a place for her, and Gabi, in it. Plus, Lord Forabosch is a major creeper. So seeing him get his butt kicked publicly was pretty awesome. At this point, I don't think it was any riskier than simply "being" there - Lord Forabosch had already come to his various dubious conclusions, and if he'd managed to beat one of the She-Wolves, would he really have been any kinder?

3.  When Gabi is dying and she and Lia decide to return to the tombs so they can get the cure at home but they have to tell Marcello the truth.  Even though Marcello thinks that it is madness that they are from the future he believes in Gabi because he loves her.  Do you think this is believable?  What would you have done if you were Marcello?
He believed her and it was with much questioning and doubt. Love won out, sure, but not without some struggle. And I'm thinking, somewhere in his mind, knowing the truth made other things start making a lot more sense. I kinda have a hunch that total belief didn't happen until he and Luca saw the girls actually disappear.

What would I have done? Hmm...Well, considering she's suffering from arsenic poisoning, and there's no cure, so she's gonna die no matter what, I think I'd be willing to try. Staying alive is a big thing, ya know? And if it worked once, it should be able to work again. And even if it didn't work, at least you'd know you tried everything you could.

4.  In the end Gabi and Lia return home.  Do you think Gabi will return to Marcello? Would you go back?
If Marcello's waiting on me, I'm totally going to go back. Plus, I think the whole experience would be one I'd want to explore more. This is like the ultimate history geek's dream! This goes beyond reading a primary source that managed to survive, this is making your own personal record. Awesome. Totally. Awesome. Plus, Marcello's there. And he's a definite perk. Just sayin'...

5.  Looking back at Waterfall what was your favourite moment?
Oh man...That's probably the toughest question of all! And I have no idea how to answer. I loved this book. Like, loved it. I didn't want it to end, and before I even finished I'd ordered Cascade and then before I finished Cascade I picked up Torrent. There's something about this story that has sucked me into the vortex - I've connected with the characters, I'm fascinated by the idea, I'm in love with the River of Time.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who hosted these discussions and made it happen! You guys rock, and I'm glad we were all able to come together and enjoy such a great, quality read. May we all find our Marcellos, Lucas, and Lord Grecos!

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  1. If I was Gabi I'd want to go back too. The love between her and Marcello is breathtaking and needs to be nurtured more. I also think Gabi was made to live in the fourteenth century. There is something about her that just seems classic.

  2. Great answers! Like you, I had to go out and get the other books in the series. And I hear that Lisa is working on a 4th book! Woo hoo!!! Mayhap it will have much more of Lord Greco in it!

  3. "Lord Forabosch is a major creeper"

    Major understatement..and you are right...he probably would not have been any kinder had he beat her.

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  4. If Marcello was waiting for me, I would so go back as well. Not a doubt in my mind:) Take me to the tomb and leave me there! And I was rooting for Lia too, the competitive side of me came out and I desperately didn't want her to let Lord what's-his-face win:)

  5. well said! looking forward to more myself =) !

  6. Great responses! I also think that Lia's losing to Lord Foraboschi would not have made him act any nicer to them so I was thrilled that she was able to publicly humiliate him.

    Lol@the experience being the ultimate history geek's dream. So true! It's always fascinating to know more about those times, but it would really be something to witness it.

    I agree that Marcello did seem quite hesitant to believe Gabi and Lia at first, but when faced with the possibility of Gabi's death, he was willing to suspend disbelief and probably was only truly convinced when he saw them disappear in the tomb.

    Great responses and I hope I get to read Cascade and Torrent soon:)

    Sarah @ Random Thoughts of A Confused Adolescent

  7. Rebecca! So true. This series was like a vortex, and I loved being sucked right in.

    And I totally cheered for Lia too. I'm glad she let her temper win out in the situation and put that creep in his place, risk be damned.

    Thanks for the wish that was all find our own Medieval prince. I really needed that. *hugs* :)

  8. I was wondering if beating the She-Wolves would be any better than a woman beating a man also.

  9. You said: "There's something about this story that has sucked me into the vortex - I've connected with the characters, I'm fascinated by the idea, I'm in love with the River of Time."

    Ditto, ditto, ditto!

  10. Oh, the River of Time, how you've put your hooks into me! I love thee! LOL! I'm with you, I don't think Lia made things worse because The Creeper already had his opinions made and he was already going to do what he was going to do. He deserved so much worse in that book than he even got. Men!

    And, if Marcello was waiting for me, I'd SOOOOO, be outta this century and back in his in a heartbeat.

  11. I would go back for Marcello too, in fact I would be racing back, shoving people out of the way to get back to the cave!

  12. i'm halfway through cascade... just getting into the lord greco story and im so intrigued! i can't put them down either!

    love your answer for number 3!

  13. Oh, my fellow beloved history geek friend, I'm SO with you and the whole personal record thing...would that not be the coolest? I'd give a LOT in order to cascade through time and see pivotal moments that have so impacted me...and I loved this tale that so impacted Gabi and Lia and Marcello and Luca. Thanks for diving in--and for being such an avid supporter. I appreciate you!

  14. Great answers. I totally agree with you number 2. That dude is totally a creeper, i also felt that it was a turning point for Lia too. She didnt realky give the place a chance, and wasnt there very long.
    I cant wait to see what happens. Is the third book the last?