Happy Birthday, Baby Kitty!

So, it's the hottest week of the year, and the Staff over at Confessions of a Plate Addict are having a birthday bash for Baby Kitty - and on a hot Friday, what's more fun than chillin' with some cool cats?

Here are my two party goers: Anne Shirley, the beautiful torti Maine Coone, and BabyCat, my black and white bunny. Yes, that's her real name - Anne and our other cat (Sarah, she's too preoccupied watching baby rabbits and deer in the backyard) named her, because "that's the funniest baby cat we ever saw!"

Anne hopes that Baby Kitty has a very wonderful birthday party, and that he really enjoys being 8. "I just turned 9, and I wish I could still be 8 - it's so much fun to say you're 8! But 9 sounds funny when you say it out loud. And you got a real party! I didn't get one, I just got to watch a movie. I think it was Pride & Prejudice or something - not a kitty movie."

BabyCat says "Happy Birthday! I thought it was my birthday, but Becca told me it's not - that my name is BabyCat not Baby Kitty. I get confused sometimes, I'm still a baby. I'm 18 months old! And I weigh 13lbs! Did you eat all the strawberries and catnip? Those look really good. I love strawberries."

And I say: "Happy Birthday, Baby Kitty! Enjoy your day, and I hope you have lots of fun meeting all the other kitties!"


  1. Becca,
    How darling is this photo!!!
    Our Maurice was born under the rabbits hutch on a farm on the Prairie!!! She has many, many rabbit antics...twitching her nose, doing the bunny hop over the threshold of the doorways. The funniest is her "meow"...she sounds like a goat! Your Anne is beautiful!
    Pat (and Maurice)

  2. Adorable photo of those two. I'm sure you enjoyed as much as I did getting ready for the party. I had a pet rabbit once, he was so sweet. He was litter box trained and loved to play on the deck.
    Have fun at the party........

    The French Hutch

  3. Anne Shirley and Baby Cat are darling. How sweet they look together.

  4. How cute to see a kitty and a bunny as friends! I love BabyCat's name and story! My torti Ozzie sends special greetings to Anne Shirley and loves her name, especially since poor Oz got saddled with a goofy boy name! Thanks so much for coming to Baby Kitty's par-tay and for the birthday wishes! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. I love this post! Each animal "quote" is delightful. The story of how BabyCat got her name is wonderful!

  6. What a cute pair of friends! It warms my heart to see these two together.

  7. Oh my whiskers!!! I LOVE bunnies, even those with names like BabyCat ;) What a beautiful pair of loves you have living here! I hope you enjoy the party. I'll go see if there are any strawberries and catnip left - maybe I could convince you to be my friends....



  8. Anne & BabyCat have had so much fun reading everyone's comments and all the party adventures. They have now decided there needs to be parties every week, hehe :o)