The Last Polar Bears

The Last Polar Bears
Harry Horse
Peachtree Publishers, 2007

I had never heard of the Roo books by Harry Horse, (I'd actually never heard of Harry Horse - I'm not sure how, now...), until Peachtree Publishers offered The Last Polar Bears as a title for review. Oh. My. Goodness. What initially caught my eye was the title - I'm an absolute sucker for a polar bear. Then I saw the cover, and my heart melted.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Last Polar Bears - it's set up as a series of letters from Grandfather-to-[grand]Child, and chronicles the misadventures of Grandfather and his dog Roo. On almost every page is a pen and ink drawing to illustrate the story at hand, and I loved all the details! There is as much going on in the pictures as in Grandfather's text. Definitely an amusing, light-hearted-but-a-little-serious read. Great for young readers adjusting to reading longer books on their own. Now that I'm made the acquaintance of Grandfather and Roo, I hope to revisit them and join them on their other escapades!

Book provided by publisher for review.

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