Android Karenina

Android Karenina
Leo Tolstoy & Ben Winters
Quirk Classics, 2010

I won this book free through the FirstReads giveaway on Goodreads.com, and was rather excited about it. Several summers ago, I randomly read Anna Karenina for the heck of it, and loved it. I have since discovered that I have a bit of a weakness for sci-fi, so when I found out that my favorite Russian work was being meshed with robots and uber-technology? Oh yes ... Summer reading extraordinaire! 

The story is good, fast-paced and has a lot of twists and turns, some that I definitely was not expecting. It's been a while since I read the original, so I kept having to consciously stop myself from trying to remember the "real" story/where the deviations came in (other than the obvious addition of robots). I don't think you need to be familiar with Tolstoy's original to appreciate, or even read this version. Actually, I think it'd be best if you didn't have that background knowledge (yes, I really got that distracted trying to figure out how much the story was deviating.) That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed the read, and will definitely recommend it.

Book provided by my personal library.

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