The V Club and YA Lit

Well... After a long absence, I ventured back into the world of YA Lit. It was nice to be back, but I still prefer my classics. (Although Spinelli's Stargirl would be a good read tonight...)

The V Club
It was good... typical contemporary Young Adult lit: fluffy and trivial and worldly. Howsomever, it DID have some star-points. Namely, it dealt mainly with keeping friends in a enemies-everywhere highschool world. Much like the Sisterhood books. :-) Also - while the whole thing is dealing with this purity-scholarship, there seems to be a heavy undertone for sexuality. HOWEVER, even with this, it is written so the 2 "purest" characters are the ones who win your hearts and attentions. You cheer for klutzy, shy Eva as she finds her dream and falls in love with "beach boy" Riley who's vowed to wait for marriage.
[Spoiler Warning] When the two end up sharing the prize and ..... you're very very happy for them.
The other girls all come through as better people too. I like it on the whole... But i wouldnt buy it. It's still no Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants! ;-) lol...

A sidenote diversion before I head to bed...To those of you who teased me for beginning my summer reading with Anna Karenina, well, guess what? I was reading the vogue book of the summer before any of us knew it was vogue!! Oprah has chosen it as her Book Club book of the summer (I suppose?) and it's a number 1 seller! How's that for coolness? ;-) And you give me grief for reading Russian classics... tsk tsk.

Off to read of Italian horse races...

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